Inscape Bursaries South Africa 2018

Inscape Bursaries 2018

Inscape Bursaries – Inscape Education Group is registered with Department of Higher Education and Training as the oldest privately-owned multi-disciplinary creative arts institution. It is based in South Africa since its establishment.

Inscape is offering excellence in education by design for more than 3 decades and offers accredited qualification in both the creative sector and built environment.

The Inscape Scholarship program was established in 2014. The institution has awarded scholarships/bursaries to the value of R4.6 million and currently assists 36 students who are active in the program.

Inscape Bursaries Available

Applicable to Bachelor of Design Degree, Diploma and Higher Certificate students only, enrolling for first year studies in 2018.

Bachelor of Design Degree (NQF level 7) specialising in: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Ideation, Marketing & Communication Design, Audio Visual Design, Interaction Design and Jewellery Design

Diploma (NQF level 6) courses in Interior Design and Graphic Design

Higher Certificate (NQF level 5) courses in Architectural Technology, Design Techniques, Interior Decorating and Fashion Design.

About Inscape:

Inscape believes in offering value driven products to ensure the diverse growth of the creative sector and industry at large.

We have an established institutional culture that is unique to Inscape and its students. Our culture is built on a value system that encourages quality, authenticity and relationships. We strive for this to be reflective in all areas of our institution.

As an organisation, we promote inclusivity and access to higher learning. For every twenty students who enrol with us, we are able to offer partial or full scholarships to assist deserving candidates who otherwise would not have the opportunity to embark on their chosen careers.

How To Apply for Inscape Bursaries?

In order to apply for Inscape bursaries for 2017, please visit their website for more details here.


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