Csir internships

CSIR Internships

CSIR Internships – The CSIR is currently offering five Internship opportunities within the Mining and Mineral Resources Competency Area within Natural Resources and the Environment Unit.

CSIR Internships Period

Period (12 Months)

The incumbents will assist in the duties mining and geotechnical engineering pertaining to activities associated with modernisation of current mining, development of future mechanisation requirements and ultimately developing a non-explosive rock breaking capability.

The work forms part of the South African Mining Extraction Research, Development and Integration (SAMERDI) Strategy as well as the outcomes of the Mining Phakisa.

These positions are based in Johannesburg.

Key responsibilities

Under supervision, the trainee will undertake with the following:

Literature review of previous research done locally and internationally in the three areas mentioned above;
Undertake time & motion studies on technologies related to the above three areas at various mine sites;
Engage with Original Equipment Management on technologies related to the above three areas at various mine sites;
Report on processes and results;
Attend and present on results where required;
Perform general administrative tasks as required by project leaders.
Qualifications, skills and experience:

A bachelor’s degree in Geophysics or Mining Engineering;
Experience or previous work in rock engineering would be an advantage;
Practical working experience in mining would be an advantage;
Good organisational skills and demonstrated ability to work under pressure.

How To Apply?

Apply online.

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