DPSA Learnerships 2018

DPSA Learnerships 2018

DPSA Learnerships 2017 are now available. Do you enjoy helping people? Are you compassionate and empathetic? Are you interested in making your community a better place? If so, you are an excellent candidate for an DPSA Internships.

DPSA is a Public Service organization in South Africa. Its vision is to make public services more efficient and dedicated to improving development and efficiency. This programs also supports citizenship which is inclusive for all. They hope to educate the public about the importance of empowering the people to make a better government. The goals of the DPSA are to provide leadership for a better governing system and enhancing the public service aspect. The DPSA strives to bring equality to all people in South Africa.

DPSA Learnerships Offered

DPSA is looking for talented individuals with a background in public service. Learnerships/internships can extend from the period of six months to three years, depending on the need. If you are between 18 and 35 years old, you may qualify for an internship in one of the following areas:

Defense and Energy Commission
Development of Social Services
Local Improvement
Environmental Services
Postal Duties
Informational Technology
Health Services
Tourism Specialist
Correctional and Justice system
Water Department
Public Education and Awareness

These departments will provide excellent opportunities for the intern. You will belong to a team of experts in your chosen field. Candidates must be dependable, great communicators and willing to relocate, as needed. Some of these internships will be located in rural areas of need. Companies are searching for people who can take initiative but also work well as a team member. A strong work ethic is required.

DPSA Learnerships Application Requirements

Must possess a Matric Certificate
You must be a South African Citizen with proper ID
Currently unemployed
Need a degree from a college or university
Candidates must be computer literate
Fluent in English
Clear criminal record
Applicants must not hold any criminal record

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